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народ, помогите Формуле и мне заодно, плизз!! [22 Aug 2007|03:35pm]

Народ, это не флуд, короче, ща проводится исследование, насколько в России знают и любят Формулу. Если убедятся, что мы есть, увеличат спонсорство свое, так обещают, по крайней мере... Это ING банк финансирует. Им нужно, чтобы 50 человек из России ответили на опросник, там 9 вопросов коротких, если не в ломак, посмотрите по ссылке.
ING указывать в 9 вопросе необязательно, но если опять же если вам пофиг, лучше наверное указать, я указал... Всем пасиба!

П.С. Про Шумахера (Ральфа) никто не знает, контракт его продлили? Сенкс
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My new painting "Schumi", acryl on canvas 40x50 [17 Mar 2007|09:01pm]

My new painting "Schumi", acryl on canvas 40x50

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Ferrari for Valentine's Day? [16 Jan 2007|08:01am]

[ mood | amused ]

Love Means

Always say OUR Ferrari

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Save Monza! [21 Mar 2006|10:16pm]

To sum it up, the Monza circuit in Italy was built in 1922, and is the oldest track on the F1 calendar. It is the modern equivalent of the Circus Maxximus for the Italians, and the spiritual home of Ferrari.

Anyway, two whining families who moved into houses next to the track, obviously built well after its construction, have taken a complaint to Italian court about the noise from the track, and have caused a ruling to shut the track down, cancelling all events in 2006 except for the Formula One Italian Grand Prix, and jeopardizing future events after this year.

A petition has been created, so please, regardless if you're interested in F1 or not, do it for principles sake; how stupid can someone be to move into a house next to a race track, one of the oldest and most storied race tracks in the world, no less, and then complain about noise... ugh...

Article about the story is here:


Petition here:


Thanks :)
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[20 Mar 2006|07:21pm]

Help information!

I`m  looking for the model of FERRARI. I have a photo
of its headlight only.

I have very little time, but a model while is
not found. Thank you


Владельцы и просто любители спорткаров! 

Помогите информацией! 
Мне срочно нужно узнать модель 

этой феррари по фотографии ее фары

Перерыт весь интернет, но модель пока не найдена. 

Осталось всего 8 часов... умоляю, помогите! Заранее спасибо

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SCHUEY STOPPED IN HIS TRACKS [03 Aug 2004|10:47am]

Michael Schumacher has said F1’s summer break is an inconvenience for drivers.

The world champion, who has racked up 11 wins in 12 races so far this season, has found his momentum interrupted by the current three-week interval.

But Schumacher admits the break is necessary to give time off to the rest of the team.

He said: "I would gladly put an end to the summer break.

"But for the engineers and mechanics, the break is a hard-earned blessing. Their hard work in the past weeks means their family has come second.

"Our victories are the reward, but they also needs a couple of days to recharge the batteries.”

Schumacher believes that the grind of race to race is harder on engineers than the drivers.

He explained: “It is not as bad with drivers. Ferrari are very good with us and pay attention to the correct balance between work and relaxation.

“The team has an intelligent test plan so we do not become physically and intellectually too tired.

"But honestly said, I am pleased that I now also have a couple of quiet days with Corinna and the children."

Original link
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Ferrari 'seek Liuzzi deal' [02 Aug 2004|03:24pm]

Ferrari could sign up rising Italian star Vitantonio Liuzzi as a potential long-term replacement for Michael Schumacher, according to a report.
Liuzzi, leader of the Formula 3000 International Championship, has held talks with Ferrari boss Jean Todt, the Independent newspaper said.

Liuzzi is said to have impressed both Todt and Schumacher, with Ferrari ready to offer him a drive for 2005.

That could be as their test driver, or as racer for satellite team Sauber.

Liuzzi has impressed greatly by winning six of this season's seven F3000 races so far.

He also raced against and beat Schumacher in a karting event in 2001.
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11th win for Michael Schumacher [26 Jul 2004|09:22am]

Yesterday I couldn't get to see the German Grand Prix live since cricket in Sri Lanka (Asia Cuo 2004) was going on live on both ESPN and Star Sports. It was being broadcast later at 11PM. Anyhow I didn't know the results so say down at 11PM and saw the GP. I was almost like live, and the sound was great since it was being piped through my new home theatre system.

I think this was the best race of the season, not so much because Schumacher won again, but more because of all the great overtaking by Button and Sato.

This time Schumacher came into the pits before Kimi, and yet was able to maintain his race leader status.

I liked the race. But what was with that rear wing failure on Kimi's car? Those things aren't supposed to happen. Doesn't happen to Ferrari anyway. It could have been dangerous for Kimi, but for the safety in F1. That car looked just like Truli's car after he crashed in the last race.

Premnath Kudva, Mangalore, India
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