Premnath Kudva (premkudva) wrote in ferrarif1,
Premnath Kudva

11th win for Michael Schumacher

Yesterday I couldn't get to see the German Grand Prix live since cricket in Sri Lanka (Asia Cuo 2004) was going on live on both ESPN and Star Sports. It was being broadcast later at 11PM. Anyhow I didn't know the results so say down at 11PM and saw the GP. I was almost like live, and the sound was great since it was being piped through my new home theatre system.

I think this was the best race of the season, not so much because Schumacher won again, but more because of all the great overtaking by Button and Sato.

This time Schumacher came into the pits before Kimi, and yet was able to maintain his race leader status.

I liked the race. But what was with that rear wing failure on Kimi's car? Those things aren't supposed to happen. Doesn't happen to Ferrari anyway. It could have been dangerous for Kimi, but for the safety in F1. That car looked just like Truli's car after he crashed in the last race.

Premnath Kudva, Mangalore, India
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